Thursday, 15 October 2009

The world in 2009


ITU Telecom World 2009 international forum was held in Geneva a week ago and opened by the UN Secretary-General. ITU means International Telecommunication Union and they released this report titled “The World in 2009: ICT Facts and Figures”.

This report provides very insightful information and important statistics to us. For example: “Mobile cellular has been the most rapidly adopted technology in history. Today it is the most popular and widespread personal technology on the planet, with an estimated 4.6 billion subscriptions globally by the end of 2009 which means 67 people in per 100 inhabitants. Moreover, in 2009, over a quarter of the world’s population-or 1.9 billion people have access to a computer at home. Therefore, ITU announced its latest ICT Development Index. Sweden ranked 1st in Europe and South Korea ranked 1st in Asia and Pacific.”

Here is also a very interesting report titled “Confronting the crisis: Its impact on the ICT industry”. I firmly believe that all those ICT development will eventually wipe out the worldwide digital divide.

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